Yarn Bombing: Saltburn-by-the-sea

I attended a very good friend’s wedding last week. It was in Saltburn-by-the-sea, North Yorkshire.

Saltburn is a small but stunning Victorian seaside town that I really enjoyed spending time in. It is relaxing. Has great pubs and cafés and the lovely Italian gardens and secret vintage tearoom that you can walk to inland via a beautiful, short walk or take the miniature railway for more of a novelty. The landscape is very photogenic and the locals friendly. In the reviews on Trip Advisor I have read that the pier is boring and a bit of a non-entity. I loved discovering that knitting has been added as decoration and turns the pier into an art based tourist attraction (it is pretty without the knitting however!).

Yarn bombing has taken over the Pier and my friend advised me this was an annual tradition with different themes yearly. It was also on the trees at a nearby train station. What a brilliant tradition. This year was an environmental message on how the sea is being affected by pollution.


A quick bit of internet research shows that 2015 saw an Alice in Wonderland theme to celebrate the centenary. 2016’s theme was all things Yorkshire. The Olympics have been covered and the Diamond jubilee. The secret knitters present a great variety and topics of national interest.

The project has had some media attention but in my opinion not nearly enough! I like this article in the Metro from 2013, http://metro.co.uk/2013/05/27/secret-knitters-strike-again-with-creations-that-have-won-renown-for-seaside-town-3810358/.

I for one will be going annually to see what the theme and response is!

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